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Clean up Crew
February 23, 2009, 2:29 am
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James Boden leaves the podium in a brisk skip. The crowd remains emotionless. He takes the exit to the right of the stage.

Ronny his assistant reassures the crowd that Boden has not been feeling well lately. His sudden rush onto the stage at Boden’s absence leaves the crowd unsure of his validity.

This boy who had caused the esteemed professor to discontinue his boisterous rant; what was his true aim? Was this a purposeful plant of negative publicity since the professor was running for national societal chairman?

These thoughts were pointless insinuations; compared to what the news media is going to write the tommorow.

The crowd is dismissed yet the boy stands in the middle. He lets everyone pass him by. The boy looks more like a man compared to others walking tenderly by.

The man possesses a six foot frame that was no more larger than Ronny himself.  He has a clean cut demeanor yet he wears brown timberland boots.  Hair was clean cut and lined up, but his shirt is brighter than a real color lime.

Ronny walks down the stage past the chattering school personnel. He knew how to handle these situations. Address this before it gets out of hand. The man looks Ronny in the face with grin. They both hold their hands out and shake.

Unbeknownst to the onlookers Ronny not only congratulates the young man. He hands him a card.

Skillfully, masterfully are a card placed on his index and middle finger. The exchange is made like a true package deal.

They happen during the daylight hours, when everyone is watching. Ronny walks off with an uneasy step because of the man’s ominous grin.

A meeting was set for tomorrow at ten in the morning. Chandler hall is to be the spot of intellectual battle. The battle between a famous scholar and a relatively invisible man who stands on humbled sand.


Check a mate
February 20, 2009, 3:45 am
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tag i found on my web traveling

Donate wisdom

James Boden walks up the side of the stairs with prestige and showmanship. There air is filled with anticipation with each step. Professor Boden walks up to the mike and clears his throat.

“Eh Hem. Thank you Lynette for that stunning and entertaining introduction, yet I get the feeling that I am not at all that amazing. I have accomplished many goals and have received many accolades. You too can accomplish anything and more in the future.”

“I am disappointed to say that this is a world our ancestors may not have envisioned.   The world we live in.You know this rock we call home.”

“There is a growing rate of young females who raise their young alone. I see young brothers all of the time signing their lives away for respect. It seems as if the jails are being built specifically for our youth.”

The crowd’s silence is only interrupted by Boden’s pause in speech, and heckling cough that  may be a precursor to a cold. “That is why I feel that we need to focus on the future and help out our lost generation.”

The audience moves like a muli-colored slinky. The front of the room jumps and then the rest of the room subsequently rise to their feet. Julius Caesar would have been jealous of Professor Boden’s appraise. He smiles and tips his glasses to the crowd, signaling for them to halt.

“Now is there anyone with questions? Come on now I know there is someone who has something to ask me. I can feel it” Professor Boden unhands his water bottle and rest it upon the podium.”

A few moments go by and a young man raises his hand. The crowd turns and listens. “So I have listened to you for an hour and a half. I agree with Martin and Malcolm. There is much that can and must be done. True, I feel you on that. But when was the last time you have gone to these streets that you preach about so much? There is a difference between studying something and actually living it.

Have you seen a mother’s face as she holds him with a hole in his chest? Have you seen a man who is determined to succeed in a pile of clawing panthers at his ankles? I guess my real question is what do you tell someone who has nothing and wants everything? Think about it Professor.”

Professor Boden looks over his glasses with bewilderment. Never before had someone questioned his validity let alone methods of social relief.

The professor looks down at his water bottle. He walks off with the silence of death.

February 17, 2009, 12:33 am
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It comes in many forms

It comes in many forms


Chris walks down his stairs with excitement on his face. Cheeno down the block says that the shipment would be in early today. He never woke up before noon so Chris has a few hours to survey the business. Walking during the hours of light is always a difficult switch for a child of the night. He waves to the little ones embarking on a journey of PB&J and cursive writing.

They get on the bus on the corner. They will never know that “this” corner is a blatant flag to anyone who passes. It is the sweet spot in the city.

There are many people who agree that its true name is the g spot. A guy can stand there for three hours and come up on a surplus of stimulus the economist never knew existed.

A salty wind from the east succumbs to the pollution. It forms an early fog in an empty lot. Legendary basketball matches fill the texture in the air around the ally. Some of the best players in the world have seen their flashy careers fizzle on a place surrounded by hollow ground.

Many people used to live here in the past. There is nothing left now but the decay of time. Still there is warmth to the rusted pipes and chipped concrete.

Out of a world that was constantly shifting and meandering; the block is a unchanging, unmoving mountain that is his bottom…… There is always something that needs to be moved.

Chris acknowledged that it was fate that leads him to this space of Earth he stood upon. Even the benevolent preacher and his members could not move him from his love. Chris remembers what the old man used to say.

“What is there on this block for you young man? Nothing except for death? The world is out there for you explore and discover!”

Chris always answered with the same response. “Old man the same thing that keeps you driving up and down here on Saturday night hanging out your window. That is what keeps me bound like a ball and chain with my love.”

The rules of politics are simple. There rules of engagement applies to territory. The sheep and the wolf always had to keep appearances. Yet what mask do they have on now?

By venglish

Shopping for Two
February 15, 2009, 3:26 am
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There is always something new out there to see

There is always something new out there to see

Jessica is a beautiful caramel girl that loves to smile. She possesses a smile that could light even the darkest abyss. It is a shame that the eclipse in the sky covers her uninhibited aura. Her father is known to be the unseen terror of the city. He gives her the best of presents. A new television so thin, you would think Tom & Jerry were ripping through the second dimension. Money gushes from her veins just because of her last name.

Little Jess come with me,” a man screams from the bottom of the stairs. His tall demeanor and sleepy eyes gives a chill down her spine. Being lost in the mall was never the aim of hide and seek. This time things have gone way too far.

She burst through the emergency door with a vengeance only to discover that she was in the same store. Jessica ran to the end of the isle and grabbed a woman by the sleeves. Her tiny fist clinched the end of her skirt out of pure desperation.

Jessica opens her mouth to scream, “Help this man is chasing me. Find my real father! The woman looked down at the girl with the concern but by the time she bent down to her knees a man had mysteriously appeared behind the little six year old.

“Thank you so much for finding my daughter. Excuse her she is just a litter livid with me right now because I did not but her what she wanted.” The man was so believable that Jessica turned around to stare at his calmness.

No one would have believed that the both of them ran through half of the store. The man’s smile was so warm and contagious the woman fixes Jessica’s dress and walks away.

The man grabs Jessica by the hand and guides her back into the dark staircase. There was no escape. The paint chips on the staircase gave her the impression that everything around is old.

“I’ve got you now little sprite,” the stranger whispers into her ea while holding her arms. “The little girl stops squirming and smiles with a reply, “You’re a lively one aren’t you?”

Confused the man attempts to clasp her dress to pull her closer. Jessica’s eyes turn from a vibrant brown texture to an icy blue hue. She looks at the man who freezes in his footsteps.

The door below burst open, yet there is only one set of footsteps that creep closer and closer. Sweat begins to run down the stranger’s face. His mind is screaming for his body to move to no avail. Every muscle in his body feels like needles are pressing at the same point. A scream bellows from the man’s stomach as he falls to the floor.

“Daddy, did I do good? I did what you said and this guy showed up, just like you said.” Jessica looks up to an even larger figure in a hood toting a scythe in his hand. He opens his mouth slowly and says, “How shall we handle this?” Jessica replies, “Finish the funny man here so we can grab some ice cream, you promised.” The tall figure in the hood smiles and answers, “Of course I remember just like I told you, I would bring you to work baby. Stand back this can get messy.”

The terror of Love
February 15, 2009, 2:19 am
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So i know I have been gone for the past few days but let me tell you there is a reason for this.  I have been writing for a literature contest on campus.  I figured I would give my voice to anyone who would have eyes to listen.

The feature that I choose to write is called “Hearing Colors to See Sounds.”  I feel like this was one of the better pieces that I have ever written in my life.

The story surrounds theses four boys who live in a neighborhood that no one knows better than them selves.  It gives you something to think about when you look to the future.

Corner boys are getting younger, while the old drug dealers are getting older in Jail.  The government can take people of the street but who is there to replace them?  There is still money to be made.  You have just taken a piece of the drug equation.  There is no solution.  It is more or less a never ending cycle.

Yet I turn on the television and watch Michael Phelps get his endorsements questioned?  I laugh in the face of Americas hypocrisy.  I thought we stepped into a new way of thinking.  I can see now that I was wrong.  I see now that money has blinded us all.

What is to become of a society who is their own problem?  Everyone worried about so many insignificant things I makes me wonder who is really pulling the strings.

I’m rambling now but I will give little exerts from it.  I will also represent Friday the 13th my own special way.  As well as the spirit of love

be looking out for that

P.S. listen to this track

it is heavy in my rotation


Room for one
February 11, 2009, 8:50 pm
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I sit in a room enclosed by four walls. I am not a prisoner to them. I choose this place out of my own free will. There is a task that must be done and I will not leave until it is accomplished. That’s my word!

As time elapses my eyes wonder to the ceiling. The designs look like crinkles on a face. Old with wisdom and knowledge, yet I am still looking for an answer but there is still none. So I wait.

The window to the left is bright with the essence of the day. The rain and shadows give depth to something that would otherwise be mundane. Water droplets contemplate which way they should go. Combine together to further their ambition to the earth?; or remain suspended on the glass until the sun calls them to the air once more. An interesting concept I shall investigate for “sho.”

The sun and the moon ensue with their daily dance, yet for some reason I cannot get my good foot down. The air from the window pushes through to no avail. The alluring smell of spring is in the way. For my attention is drawn to a picture on the wall.

The bleak coloring does not faze my unfaltering gaze. Curiosity takes over my legs to draw me in closer to this picture.

Sand covers the bottom of the canvas with a hint of red on the bottom left. The sky has no ordinary fixtures, except the sky is controlled by a blue moon peaking from a chasm in the sky. Red, and violet congregate together to make a fusion of colors.

The clouds mirror the moon to announce its presence but I still have not found what I am looking for. No not my gym shoes in the corner.

Nor is it the carpet on the floor. I must stop distracting myself from the task at hand.

This idea will not manifest itself out of thin air.   I reach to the left and grab a Thelonius Monk cd.

Then a blue rose hits me.

*Rolls computer chair back to the screen*

Friday Bus on the wrong side of Town
February 7, 2009, 1:07 am
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So something that I thought would be kind of cool is explain what my stories are really about.  I read all of the time,  rarely

Great tag from Australia

Great tag from Australia

do I get the chance to hear what the author thought of his or hers own work.  I wonder what is on their minds when they write some of their stories.

Curiosity is my driving force throughout everyday.  If it does not peak my interest I might miss it entirely.  But enough of my tangents let me jump into the story that I wrote on January 30th.

I left the story untitled because I wanted the story to have some mystery behind the setting.  Most of my stories will have an urban setting unless I tell you otherwise.  Whatever I may be feeling at the time.  Like right now I feel like poplocking.  *getting up out of chair in public coffee house* ………Dancing while older woman is looking in amazement.

Ok I’m back.  So the story takes place in Chicago on an subway platform.  The trains are called the L and there are different lines that run throught the city. Personally I rep the Red Line.  Ahhh the good times.

I have worked downtown in Chicago for two years and I must say eveyday was a journey.   The thing that brightened my day was the unique qualities that people possess.  Their Ears, faces, and in this particular situation there was a beautiful woman that has peaked the main characthers interest.

Unfortunately for him he missed his opportunity.  This is something that could happen to me and has happened.  I find life is the best comedian you can ever come up with.

The next story by the name of “Winter Jade” was a shout out to a friend of mine.  Unbeknowst to me she had been reading my blog and she was waiting for me to update it.  So as an apology I wrote a random story from the recesses of my mind.  That is the result.  Trust me on when I say there will be many more.

“A Dream Supreme” Is a dream that I had a night before I wrote it.  A lot of my experiences happen this way.  I was floating in a room that I could see very vividly.  There was two monsters having a simple conversation as If it were you and I talking.  Pretty Bugged out huh?

Let me know what you think but in reality my writing will progress and evolve like DNA.  I love it when the universe bends my way.  Free will is something that everyone has.  Please exuse my language, because to the conservative I may come off as crass.  Keep reading my thoughts and you may get a view of what I have seen in the past


~Vernon E.~