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Hearing Colors to See Sounds pt 2
March 11, 2009, 6:56 am
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the legend himself

the legend himself

The sun beams over the grey skies making the walls of 79th street grocery store shine as if it were just painted.  The sun disappears into the chasm of clouds in the sky to reveal the true worn face of the graffiti filled wall.  For some reason this was the neighborhood kids favorite place.

It was rumored that a famous graffiti artist had started his career two blocks down on 79th and Nadine.  It was an urban homage to those who have ascended to the point of no return.

Marcus walks to the usual spot in front of Lil Steve’s house.  His mother was an all around battle axe.  Her biggest pet peeve is people standing on her grass.  Anyone foolish enough to do so  while she was looking was in for a world of profanity.

Marcus knew her tongue was nothing to play with and probably the reason why Lil Steve was the way he was.  “I’m a lost decedent of a bad ass sailor.”  That is Lil Steve’s answer to anyone who reprimanded him for his language.

Jay and Riley walk up from the south end of the block.  “What’s up man?”  “Nothing G, just waiting for this bum to get out of the damn house.  A yo did you bring the m-eighties?”  Riley smiles and lifts a lighter and a pack from his sagging jeans.  “Of course I wouldn’t forget my boys for the first day of school.”  They all laugh in unison and turn to Lil Steve strolling out his door with a frown on his face.  “What’s good yall. Are we all set for today Mook?”

Marcus turns to the others and smiles an insidious grin.  “Everything will fall into place.”  Lil Steve grabs his sleeve and rolls them up as they walk to the public bus station.  The four boys huddle around each other as Marcus explains the plan for lunch.

There was seventh grade teacher from last year by the name of Mrs. Nowak.  She was the dean of discipline and the boys arch nemesis.   Marcus knew the layout of the school as well as actions that will be taken in case of an emergency.

It was the first day of school and that was the day that the teachers were the most rested.  “They won’t know what hit em.”  Marcus finishes his instructions as the bus pulls in front of Martin Luther King Middle school.  “Don’t nobody forget I will take the fall if anyone slips up.”  The boys disappear into the mass of students yelling and screaming outside the court doors.

The school is said to have been at the peak of its day in the early 1970’s.  It is perfect representation of integration and tolerance that lasted for years.  At least until the demographic of the neighborhood changed.  As the first bell chimes the doors fling open.

The teachers have a sigh of short lived relief as the students invade their home territory, like urban conquistadores.  Marcus lets the pollution fill his lungs because he knows that this will be a jeopardy game in trying to find his friends in the school.  His best bet was to wait until lunch.  Lunch, the time in the day where magical things happen.


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I can’t wait to explain this story ~*~

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