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Hearing Colors to see Sounds pt 1
March 9, 2009, 4:34 am
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“Yo grab his legs Riley, damn.  Stop Looking.”  Lil Steve barks as blood drops down from his sleeves.  “Jay grab mookie and stand back.” Four small figures in the night carry an object wrapped in garbage bags.  The night air around the creek leading into the sewage had an awful smell that the boys knew all too well.  Salt, blood and death, the oldest boy was no more than thirteen years old, yet they had brushed shoulders with the dead many times.  The crescent moon and a man named Charles were the only ones who knew of the boy’s secret.

“Wake up, wake up Moo.” A soft voice chimes into a room.  “Wake up boy, before you be late again.” “Aight Jessica I got you, I’m up.”  Marcus gets out of the mattress on the floor.  There was another mattress on the side of his but it was already made up.  Marcus’ older sister Jessica was a stickler for being on time and would not cut him any slack.

Marcus knew that they did not have much but he and his sister would survive.  That was all there was to it.  They stayed in an abandoned apartment that Mr. Roe leased for a low price since he knew their father.  “Come on boy I have the toast right here,” Jessica was getting impatient because there was a change in bus policy for district 409.

Even though she attended her second year in High School she was required to start school at eight.  “What’s up Jess? Thank you for the grub sis.” Marcus tears into the toast as if it were his last.  Jessica looks behind swinging her long hair and answers,  “No prob Big head.  I gotta go so I will see you later.  Oh, I know, be nice to at least one teacher this year Mook.”

Marcus and Jessica look at each other with their chocolate brown eyes.  Laughter fills the air like a hot air balloon sailing over the Great Lakes.  Jessica locks the door and they both file down the steps only to sift through the stench of urine.  The two go their separate ways once they hit the door.  No one was to know of their home, not even the other boys on the block.  If the state knew that they were living alone they would surly try to take them.

Artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil


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I’m working on this story now. I love possibilities

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