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Dr. Strange
March 2, 2009, 8:45 am
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A character i feel I embody

A character i feel I embody

I am the Dark Phoenix a precarious Individual of a New Age

Watch me as I wave my Phalang…

MY mind’s floating, MIA,

similar two paper planes.

I sit and converse with Amelia Earhart about Quantum physics,

Dark Matter, Different Dimensions, Astronomical claims

We sit and contemplate

“Amelia ,”I say so quickly, no time to double check my question no time to refrain

“If everything is made up of matter, atoms and stars that hold limitless amounts of energy

Were not our energies one in the same at some point in time in the past?”

Amelia turns to me with a ginger bread smile; she tells me that, “with more wisdom less and less people will believe your ideals are RALL!

Her expression lets me know that she is being real.

I thank her and leave her three sided residence,

Astral projecting seeing the world through my third eye perfected

Conversing with the P.I.L.L.A.R.S. of Creation.  They laugh at my soul’s inexperience, underestimating me again, so in turn, I embraced sin, with a magical grin, I fall in love with existence, So Anxious I can’t wait to


Eating and drinking under a supernova filled night.  Sleeping with the stars, any more information and that just would not be right.

She whispers I am everywhere, so I am not afraid of resistance, She happens to be everything to my dismay, my omnipotent temptress.

Comics call me a sorcerer to be able to flip this, Throw future and destiny into this party mixes.

This is something I would like to call eternal Bliss

Of Knowing. Of Knowing. Of Knowing.  Of Knowing…….

No you are not ready a guardian tells me to stop flowing

For with one side of light there must always be something to avoid!!

Flashing particles are the only thing I recognize as I slip

Three Times To Ten Tragedies, Till Today I Toiled

From the shadows of Love lost, comets a furious bunch!!!

They leave me with doubt Damn their comments as they filter my head with antiquated moss.

So I sit in front of the looking glass, It is uncomfortable

Yet I learn to see the past, my mask

I even gave her presents of my prescience; I see a glimpse of reincarnation, the dawn of a new Age, waiting for me like a blank page, for a designer a Michalange

Body tired from meditating for days,

I suppose that is why my Alias is Doctor Strange



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“MY mind’s floating, MIA,

similar two paper planes”

I feel you…

Watchmen!! *_*

Comment by fauxpastic

Hmm…Video would probably be a wonderful way to convey your words with such expression and dimension..

Comment by Melody

I will see what I can do about a vid. I perform this poem at open mikes everytime Someone shows me an empty stage. Thanks for the imput

Comment by venglish157

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