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February 26, 2009, 10:49 pm
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Now the past few stories are a fusion of ideas that have been floating around in my mind.  I figured the perfect place to accent this unknown problem is on

The story centers on an esteemed professor.  As a college student I often find professors whose minds are weighting them to the ground.  Intelligence has become a crutch people use to ignore the greater issue. 


There is a rift between the researchers in the field studying social problems and the Professors teaching.  “People in the field are in the trenches, while the professors sit comfortably in their offices.    

 One person reads the scholarly articles and forgets that the statistics and numbers that are before them are true people. 

The researcher in the field then claims that the people sitting behind their desk do not understand. 

This is another major reason why I must write.  To shed light is one aim but my voice shall be the bridge.

Obviously our president is black, yet there are still some mentalities of people getting the short end of the stick. 

When you talk about low public housing and point the finger at these families.  I see their faces.  War torn from trying to make ends meet.

With this economic trend I feel that everyone is striving for the stars lest we forget that our feet are bound by reality. 

Someone is always going to come up short. 

The educators sit in groups and tell vivid stories rivaling Slick Rick. 

My wish for you is to read and discover that we have made strides, hell leaps into the future. 

Even still, let your prejudices wash upon you and fall to the ground.  Let understanding of others unique qualities spark wisdom. 

Keep reading the stories are still coming be looking out for them.  And realize that nothing is idle words. 

There is a message in everything that I say. 


Welcome to the world from eyes

Welcome to the world from eyes


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Notice the seperation between issue and there. I love a lil wordplay and graffiti

Comment by venglish157

“People in the field are in the trenches, while the professors sit comfortably in their offices.”

The Professors sit in their offices because they have payed their dues. I would want to sit in an office too lol.

Comment by Mike B.

Understood but there is still a misunderstanding between them and say parole officers and volunteers. “Researchers”

Comment by venglish157

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