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King’s Indian Attack
February 24, 2009, 4:28 am
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A young man that looks to be in his twenties walks up the stairs of Chandellor hall. This day in particular seems to have a breath of spring in the air.

The man reaches the door and looks at Professor Boden’s Card. Room 211 was the place that they wanted to meet him in. An insidious smile spreads on his face.

The unknown young man walks to the front of Dr Boden’s office. Carole looks at the young man assuredly and tells him, “He will be with you in a moment handsome.” She looks down at her people magazine only to realize that she has seen this man yesterday. She turns to say, ‘It could not have been you who caused that entire ruckus yesterday, was it?”

Before the man can open his mouth, professor Boden shoots out of the room. He immediately extends his hand and whisks the young man in the room with a thunderous slam.

“Please forgive my abruptness but I wish to keep this meeting as discreet as possible. There are various reasons for this but I will not fill your head with my mindless babble.”

Professor Boden strolls over to the window overlooking the campus. His frosty white hair sits high upon his head, the professor stares out with a look of concern. His voice changes to a more serious vibe.

“What do you think I know?”

A smile opens upon the boys face to a sarcastic reply. “I have no idea what you know. You have your own mind sir.” The man motions his hands with the infamous bunny fingers.

Boden walks over to his desk and sits. “I believe that I know a lot about the world young man. It is knowledge that comes from years of experience.”

The man in the chair sits back in the chair to listen. “You have no idea where I came from son. I ran the streets just like the rest of them. The difference is that I changed because I saw the opportunities.”

The veins on the side of his face begin to become irate. “Son, I am sitting here today because I have taken care of the people that do not represent themselves. I am simply a voice to a quiet city of trees. I wish you no ill will.”

The young man sitting in the chair looks over at Professor Boden square in the eye and calmly says.

“I am not a blackmailer. I am simply a unique student.” The man sits back in the chair and continues. I am a facilitator of wisdom for you see I used to be one of those ills plaguing the city you talk about.”

“Blood and death are cousins to days of life. There is nothing you can show me that I have not already imprinted in my mind through nightmares. I am only here to give you wisdom. For I am a manifestation of all of those studies you have done wrapped up into one. I was hoping that I ran into a professor in college like you. I have much to teach you.

Preconceived notions fade when you look closer

Preconceived notions fade when you look closer

My name is ………….Hello.”


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Total opposite of what I was expecting…bravoooo!

Comment by fauxpastic

Titles next 🙂

Comment by fauxpastic

Thank you I enjoyed writing this one. I will explain the story in the next post.

Comment by venglish157

I so agree with yr comments about professors & I loved yr story! Bravo! 😉

Comment by lambsios

Thank you I love writing them ^_^

Comment by venglish157

Good story brotha. Looks like I got another blog to visit now 🙂

Comment by Meji

I will not dissapoint you have not seen anything yet.

Comment by venglish157

Nice story, so true about professors.

Comment by hidden_truth

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