Stories of A Graffiti Mind

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January 30, 2009, 5:32 am
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This one is called Blank Look

Damn! Why does the eight thirty L train have to be late the same day I am?

I guess it’s cool though because I have this beautiful woman giving me the eye. 

Her slender five foot two frame has me imagining her waking up on the side of my bed.

With silk sheets so soft that my dreams would be dominated by cloud nine

Her voice would be so heavenly I would mind talking on the phone with her. 

Even if it was about nothing, which is a big step for me since my attention span is what?

Last time I checked it was zero.  But euuuuu. 

Her long flowing hair that plays hop scotch in the wind I can’t stand it.

I have to know her name.

I turn around and make eye contact. 

She smiles. 

Yes I’m already halfway there.

I’ll look away so she won’t think I’m some stalker or anything.

I’ll just look into the distance and put my headphones on for two minutes. 

Bada  bada baaa shooobi do bweee

Alright song done, time to turn around and get on the.

L that is leaving right now with her sitting by herself…………




Who Am I?
January 27, 2009, 2:28 am
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So you are probably wondering out there  in web land who the hell is this guy?  What message does he have to bring that I have not heard of before?

Is he some kind of hip black writer?  Wait isn’t he still in college?  Are you a good guy playing a bad boy persona?

Or Am I a bad guy playing the intellectual roll to reach new social mediums. What makes your stories worth hearing? Why would anyone produce an unfiltered mind to create a movie?  Can your viewpoint even be valid enough to appeal to a varied amount of people?

Do you think you are some Dave Chappelle or something, who do you think you are? Are you even funny?

Transformation is key to innovation

Transformation is key to innovation

How do we as the public trust you?

I could go on this tangent of questions people have asked me and the past. And I will tell you the same thing that I have told them.
Do they not know that assuming bottlenecks creativity to the point that you hear the same things over and over again.

If I hear someone compare me to another black author or screenwriter I swear I will have an Aneurysm.

I am simply Vernon E.
“I am a young writer who refuses to conform to the masses of society.
Stories of a Graffiti  Mind is an expression.  I have stories that I guarantee challenge your expectations.
In a world among thousands of literary greats , I will make my mark on the world.
That’s my mission statement
I question a world that  accepts being in their comfort zone. 

“Politically Correct”

With all theses questions I have a question for anyone who reads this.  What shall happen to the masses of people going for the same dream.  How many people do you know that has kept true to themselves.  They have kept their work genuinely unique.
Quality over all else.  That is what I live by.  No two days are alike with me.  This blog is to entertain you and get your mind moving to my world.

Back to No Future
January 23, 2009, 7:01 am
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Jay awakens to the loud explosion outside the door.

There is no way they found them that fast.  Not only that! But they followed him to his girlfriends house.

There was no turning back.  Jay thought to himself as he grabbed his black and silver .50 Desert Eagles.  Strapping them to their holsters.  Jay knew all too well what the outcome of the this night would be.  He needed to move fast.

*knock, knock……..KNOCK.  Damn the SYNDICATE works fast.

“Jules Wake up”, Jules!

*waking up slowly*

“What Jay? WHAT?

It is time…….

Realizing that the situation was hazardous. Julie  Smiled insidiously out of anticipation.

Her five foot two frame grabbed the suitcase under the bed.  While strapping on her bra.  Jay hands her a special bracelet along with two extra clips.

These bullets were the special batch no doubt about, Julie assumes.  It was the reason the SYNDICATE was chasing Jay in the first place.

“‘Ok Baby, they are going to try and smoke us out by coming in through the window.  So we beat them to the punch. ”

More smoke pours in under the door……

Silence takes over the room with military precision.

The Door melts into a celestial waste.  While two tall men in suites walk in cautiously.

“Okie where did they go.”

“To the dimension adjacent to H eleven and still moving.”

Dozier exhales with disappointment.  Alert you know who.

They have gone to the future…….

“So does that mean we have time to get something to eat then right?”


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Miracle at St. Guitar Hero
January 22, 2009, 5:36 am
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As my friend rips and butchers a few chords on a Slash song, I relax and think about my day in retrospect.  *laughing* All of my days are random in retrospect so this took a while.

One thing that I enjoyed the most was this new movie by Spike Lee.

Apart from my preconceived notions of the film being a “Spike Lee” film it was better than what I had anticipated.  The movie started with a racially charged intro and dialogue that only  a nineteen forty five general would agree is acceptable.

Out of all my film watching years this film did something that no film has done before.  There were no subtitles for the German, Spanish, and Italian people in the film.  At first I thought there was a malfunction but I rolled with it like butter.  Not margarine even though it is delicious with some random things like panera bread and tootsie rolls….

The Plot layout was engaging and character development left the viewer to anticipate their next moves.    Characters were also good actors.  They deserve props for quality work.  …

Well as you can see A large part of my time revolves around anything random.  No day is the same.  I will watch any film that is funny, artistic and nasty.

You name it I have seen it or have heard of it.  I write poetry and short stories as pastimes.  All while being a student at Purdue University.

*Carlos Santana-Black Magic Woman: playing in the background* the real world seems like a place full of egotistical, narcissistic, greedy people.

What else is there to do in a Capitalistic Society but to fend for your self and knock everyone else down on the way up.  If there is something to be exploited I believe Billions of people have done that Thing to the point of exhaustion.

With everyone shooting for their degrees I see people throwing their dreams away like yesterdays fad.  I mean since when did acting like a collective whole become the socially acceptable thing to do.

By Default my way of thinking cast me an OutKast yet I have not received my check.  I dream of leaving America and slap boxing with the Pope some day.  Playing GUITAR HERO with MaDonna while beating the life out of Lil Wayne on any karaoke song.  I am a beast.  I’m serious I could even beat Bill Cosby in chess……. Damn Skippy

You remind me of…..
January 21, 2009, 9:07 am
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I had to put this up because my friend reminded me exacly of this girl on this show.  She is sporadic LOUD  and forever doing something random.  Mirroring only my thoughts.   Not to mention she has a dog the size of Scooby.

cool show though Mighty B

A neighbor Of mine

A neighbor Of mine

Jupiter Jazz
January 21, 2009, 5:21 am
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So I go to this class by the name of “Jazz Appreciation”.  It is not that bad really.
No really you have to believe me no B.S.
I’m serious just keep reading and you will see what I’m talking about.
*you still do not believe me do you*

The class is taught by Don Seybold.  He is cool laid back old guy.
Always sporting a black turtleneck that gives him a cool mysteriousness that you know.
No one could ever fuck with his cool.
I always said that wisdom is greater than knowledge.  Yea I know I retained it from somewhere but think about it.
Knowledge can be mad up.  It can change will change or has changed.  Wisdom simply transcends and thus supersedes.

Jazz is prime example of music that is misunderstood .

Thus it ends up in the hands of Kenny G.
*Still Shaking Head*
Jazz artist have to compete with everyone around the world.  Their goal is the same a graffiti artist.
Where can I leave my MARK?
How should I make it?
The same goes for me as a writer.

Check out this mix tape which is heavy in my rotation.  I would rate it a four out of five for freshness and uniqueness.  Cool guys always finish first you didn’t know?

Graffiti +MIND = ^-^
January 21, 2009, 4:24 am
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In a world where people surrounded their lives with their accomplishments and awards I look back and retrospect. I think about the economy and how America truly treats a black man inside it’ s own borders. While that is floating around in my head a new national leader with the world on his shoulders is issued into office. I’m supposed to be geeked about that right? My individuality is more important. Fuck the system right?

If you can not beat the credit system. Join them in a trivial and ludicrous rat race where everyone steps on the next mans throat.

I am the face of a minority in a nation where their view is the majority. How did my forefathers survive seeing one part of the world?

One mountain out of thousands. Different colored skies. Trees the size of Skyscrapers.

I guess my confusion and rhythmic style of writing develops from how I view life.

In a sense like graffiti but I would not label it so.  My stories rival the never ending struggle of Jazz

For the world to HEAR MY VOICE.


.          ……….


It is my MARK on the world.

Not that tangent up there, but you  get it.   -_-

Why should I change it. Emulate Someone else because of it is the right thing to do.

Society is vastly changing yet the same people have the same ideals. I wonder why we are in this mess. Can liberty survive in a nation where the patriot act reigns supreme.

And they wonder why I exist……………

to be continued